Patient Rights Charter

Patient Guide / Patient Rights Charter
Charter of Patient’s Rights
  1. The patient holds the right to receive treatment and proper and effective caretaking with full respect regardless of ethnic, religious and cultural factors, as soon possible.
  2. The patient holds the right to be acknowledged about his/her place of hospitalization, physician, nurses, and other treatment staff, if desired.
  3. The patient holds the right to demand the necessary information about his/her diagnosis and illness progression, in person or through one of his/her relatives, from the relevant physician, so that in the urgent medical issues, this matter should not be lead to any delay in treatment procedure and/or patient’s death threats.
  4. The patient holds the right to participate in choosing his/her final treatment method and receive the necessary information about the probable complications and/or application of other treatment methods, from the physician.
  5. The patient holds the right to refer to other treatment centers and/or notify his/her consent on finishing the treatment procedure, if he/she wants and in case that there would be no threat to public health.
  6. The patient holds the right to ensure that his/her physician’s file, results of the tests and clinical consultations (except the matters that performed by the treatment group as per the legal duties) remains confidential for his/her privacy.
  7. The patient holds the right to ensure that his/her information remains confidential by the attending physician and other treatment staff, therefore, clinical presence of persons, who will not affect the treatment procedures, directly, is conditional upon the consent of the patient.
  8. The patient holds the right to ensure the physician and other main treatment staff, during hospitalization, transfer and after discharge.
  9. The patient holds the right to notify his/her personal consent for treatment participation, by achieving complete information about the Hospital’s research and educational activities, which affect the health and treatment, or refuse to continue his/her cooperation in the research stages.
  10. In case that the patient needs to send to other treatment centers for continuing his/her treatment procedure, the patient holds the right to know about the tariffs, costs, acceptable insurances and proficiency of their medical staff.
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Apadana Hospital, which currently has a first-class accreditation rating, includes male and female internal-surgical departments, special ICU-CCU departments, maternity and neonatal departments, and is ready to provide services.

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