Hospital Admission Guidelines and Regulations

- first kind : Clinic admission

  • First stage : Hospitalization order  

Patient , with the doctor’s order will attend hospital admission.

  • Second stage : Paying deposit

Reception agent after Seeing hospitalization order , for insurance confirmation and if necessary paying deposit will refer patients to discharge unit.

  • Third stage : Forming medical case

After insurance and financial confirmation for forming medical case , with the doctor’s order patient will be admitted and transferred to the relevant ward

- Second kind : Paraclinic admission

  • Firs stage : Reservation

After booking the reservation by calling or approaching to the clinic , patient will be referred to the relevant doctor.

  • Second stage :Hospitalization order  

With the doctor’s diagnosis and order, patients will refer to the hospital admission.

  • Third stage : Deposit payment

Prior to admission , patients must refer to discharge section in order to confirm their insurance documents and if necessary pay a deposit.

  • Forth stage : Forming case

After completing insurance and financial affairs , patients will be referred to the reception for forming the case and after that patient will be transferred to the relevant ward.

- Third kind : Emergency admission

  • First stage : Referring to emergency

Patients will refer to emergency and the primary care will be done by emergency physician.

  • Second stage : Hospitalization order

If the hospitalization is necessary, after the specialist’s order ,patient will be hospitalized.

  • Third stage : Paying deposit

Patient for confirming their insurance and if necessary  paying the deposit will be referred to the discharge unit.

  • Forth stage : Forming case

After performing above stages patients will be referred to the reception for forming the case and after that patient will be referred to the relevant ward.


Key points of admission : Please provide the following documents 

  1.  Doctor’s order of hospitalization, stating the reason for the hospitalization and with the confirmation stamp from the admission unit.
  2. Passport
  3. Translator contact number

If the patient requires a companion, getting a companion card from the reception after hospitalization


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