Hospitalization reception & rules

Guide to hospitalize the patient

  • Hospitalization order from doctor should be delivered to the reception
  • ID cards and insurance ID, and supplementary insurance policy should be delivered to the reception
  • Referral of the patient’s companion with the receipt of the hospitalization order and the financial confirmation sheet to discharge unit for financial confirmation
  • Refer a patient to the department after performing the necessary coordination with relevant department
  • Issuing cards with coordination of the relevant department (if necessary essential IDs for hospitalization

Required documents for hospitalize

  • ospitalization order should be delivered to the reception
  •  Delivering ID card & insurance book
  • Women ‘s reception for  gynecology and delivery with the presence her husband and ID card
  • Children ‘s reception only with the legal guardian and ID
  • In ER cases if patient’s valid ID is not available it can be presented up to 12 hours after admission

Essential information for admission

  • After bed allocation, reception process and financial confirmation, the patient will transfer to the relevant ward
  • It is necessary the information in reception paper and patient’s identification bracelet to be controlled by patient or patient’s companion
  • Patient admission is available around the clock from 6 A.M. to 7 P.M. in the reception (lobby/ground floor) and from 7 P.M. to 6 A.M. in the ER reception
  • A companion to the patient’s bedside if confirmed by a doctor, department and issuance of companion card is possible
  • The amount of money which is received after the patient’s admission is only a prepayment and the full amount of expenses, including doctor’s and hospital’s feed is announced by discharge unit
  • The entrance of people who is under 12 year old is forbidden on visiting time



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