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Parts and Services Apadana Hospital
Emergency ward 
Icu ward
Ccu ward 
Men’s ward 
Women’s ward 
Obstetrics & Gynecology ward 
Neonate ward
Endoscopy ward 
Laboratory ward 
Sonography ward 
Optometry ward 
Audiologist ward


- Neurology : 
Brain tumors / Asf / psf and … 
- orthopedics:
Tka , ACL , CTS and …
- Types of laparoscopy : 
Varicocele, cholecystectomy , sleeve , appendectomy and …
- Beauty : 
Mammoplasty , Face Lift , Rhinoplasty , double chin and …
- obstetrics & Gynecology : 
D&C , hysterectomy , cesarean section and ..
- urology : 
BPH , kidney & bladder tumor and … 
- General surgery : 
Types of stomy , mole removal , gastrectomy and ..
About Us

Pars Apadana Hospital started working in 1967 with the efforts and presence of a group of great medical professors of the country, and during the past 50 years, it has been one of the centers providing specialized medical, surgical and other medical services.
Apadana Hospital, which currently has a first-class accreditation rating, includes male and female internal-surgical departments, special ICU-CCU departments, maternity and neonatal departments, and is ready to provide services.

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